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As a busy lawyer you don’t always have the time to keep up with the vast array of service providers needed to successfully manage a case. Brummel Legal does this work for you. Providing services ranging from TBI imaging, non-recourse case cost  funding, a range of expert witness testimony, and demonstrative aids for depositions/mediation/trial, Brummel Legal is your number one resource for legal support services.


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Amelia Brummel

Brummel Legal’s founder, Amelia Brummel has over a decade of experience providing plaintiff attorney support services including specialists ranging from providers of visual aids and non-recourse funding partners to locating the best physicians and expert witness testimony within their fields. With the burden of proof on the shoulders of the plaintiffs lawyers, it’s critical to obtain the specialists who provide the results and answers that plaintiffs deserve and attorneys need to know. With involvement in over a thousand personal injury cases, Amelia likely has experience in any case with which an attorney needs support.

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As she puts it, having someone keep an “eye out for you behind the scenes”, attorneys can rest assured that Amelia and the Brummel Legal team has the experience to know who is a “go-to” and trusted resource in providing personal injury case support services. 

With an emphasis in traumatic brain injury and providing services ranging from demonstrative aids for depositions/mediation/trial, to connecting attorneys with the best experts in the field of traumatic brain injury (all while obtaining non-recourse funding throughout the case), Amelia will connect you to the RIGHT resources in personal injury.

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Run your practice more efficiently and profitably with Brummel Legal. We take the complication out of obtaining legal support services so that you can focus on what you do best, winning.

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