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Digital Marketing & Lead Generation

Inbound & Outbound Digital Marketing

Digital marketing and lead generation has proven to be the most powerful and cost effective tools in the fight for new clients but finding competent marketing professionals is often the challenge. At Brummel Legal Consultants we are results based, no long contracts or commitments. You only pay for what you get. We use the latest market analysis techniques to predict your costs before you start your campaign and you are free to increase, decrease or stop your client generator at any time.

Facebook, Instagram Ads.

Facebook and Instagram are powerful and efficient methods of targeting your exact potential client but it takes competent and experienced professionals to wage an effective campaign.
Targeted campaigns are both an art and a science. We will combine compelling ad creatives with effective data analytics to maximize your ad budget. We then constantly test the messaging to drive down your cost per client.

Marketing/Branding Strategy Creation

Marketing your business is a matter of clearly communicating what sets you apart from the competition and why a new client would choose you over the array of other choices.
An effective marketing/branding strategy should be wholistic across all aspects of your organization to consistently convey your unique selling points. The Brummel Team will work with you to to bring these ideas into reality.

SMM & Search Engine Optimisation

Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation are labor intensive endeavors that also take a thorough understanding of your business.
The Brummel Team understands your industry’s needs and can craft a strategy that will put you on top of mind and top of search results!

Linkedin Lead-Generation

Do you need to reach out to a specific group of people on LinkedIn?
Our unique LinkedIn Lead-Generation service can target your specific group, open a dialogue with them and build a database of targeted contacts for you to follow up with. This highly targeted service is very effective at linking you to exactly who you are targeting.
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