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Traumatic brain injury solutions

“An image is worth a thousand words.” Proving traumatic brain injury (TBI) and pathology is challenging when the injury is not visible on routine imaging and testing. Advanced imaging is the solution. Brummel Legal works with world class TBI experts who are developing and using advanced imaging and medical techniques to objectively demonstrate the presence of TBI. But Brummel Legal does not stop at diagnostics. We engage medical experts and resources throughout the country, including neurologists, neuroradiologists, neuropsychologists, physiatrists, and treatment/rehab facilities, to assist attorneys in developing their cases and plaintiffs in getting the care they need.

Brummel Legal is leading the way in bringing advanced TBI injury detection to the courtroom. In the last two years alone, Brummel Legal has worked on over 150 TBI cases across the country. These cases involved standard MRI imaging results that were negative for injury. For a plaintiff who is still exhibiting clinical symptoms of TBI, a negative result on a standard MRI leaves them confused and desperate.

In cases like these, advanced imaging is one of the best tools to reveal, document,  and diagnose TBI as the cause of  these lingering symptoms and to address future outcomes based on the affected areas of the brain. Without thoroughly documenting the extent of the TBI via the proper imaging and diagnosis, it makes it impossible to determine the extent of damages with accuracy. Understanding the extent of the injury and future level of care and treatment that will be needed helps the plaintiff’s legal council to arrive at an appropriate settlement amount. 

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